About Eric Millington Design

I have been obsessed with the “world wide web” since 1995.

It all started with an issue of Wired Magazine showing the basics of html and turned into a 27 year odyssey of discovery and creativity. It wasn’t about making money, winning clients or keywords — it was a new medium to share ideas, publish content and create — on a global scale. You could do anything, and reach anyone, with a website.

I was all in.

All these years later, the web is still a creative, exciting and sometimes challenging space to communicate. Traversing trends, changing technology and emerging social media platforms to design engaging, effective, unique websites and content for my clients.

The sky truly is the limit. I love this stuff — and I want to bring that passion and creativity to your next web design project.

If you’d like to talk about working together, use the Get a Free Quote form to get started. I get back to folks within the day and there is absolutely no obligation. Promise.

Let’s get creative,

Eric Millington