Introducing AI Websites by RoboYeti!

Millington.Design launches “RoboYeti” artificial intelligence website platform.

In the last few months almost everyone has given ChatGPT a try. The artificial intelligence platform uses thousands of data points to create any content you request quickly and accurately — and it keeps learning every second of every day.

Of course we started getting curious — how can we use artificial intelligence to help create sites that perform even better? How can we combine our creativity and unique graphic design with machine learning.

Enter “RoboYeti”?

As creative minds we get both excited and apprehensive when anyone uses the phrase A.I. It can be exciting, but it also has the potential to automate to excess. Branding, design and user experience are incredibly important and personal to your business. So where does A.I. end and unique design expertise begin? That’s where we come in.

How It Works

We use A.I. platforms to do some initial heavy lifting for us. Responsively written code, SEO considerations, even some rough user experience work. We then merge that with our own design ideas and user experience work to give you a completely unique website.

We save time, you save money and your site looks and works amazing.

As time goes on, we can even re-run that source code to make sure your website is using the latest AI generated resources.